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11 Marketing Ideas For Property Management

In today's era digital marketing is the king of the game when it comes to business development. All industries have been more or less affected. Yes, even property management. And no, we are not only referring to online booking platforms.

With the rise of online platforms rental(e.g. and the increasing number of property seekers on the Internet, a strong digital strategy is essential if you manage one or more properties/accommodations.

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of tactics, including the search engine optimization (SEO), of social media marketing, of email marketing and paid advertising. Using these tactics effectively, you can attract more customers and increase your revenue. After all, this is the final question.

In this article we will explore the different digital marketing strategies you can use to manage your properties/accommodations. We'll see too, how to boost your online presence, attract new customers and clearly stand out from the competition. We will cover all the key points you need to know to create a successful digital marketing strategy. From creating a user-friendly website to building a strong social media presence .

Remember effective digital marketing strategies=growth=revenue.

But let's start with the basics:

marketing akinitwn, real estate marketing, etaireies diaxeirisis akinitwn, property management companies

What is digital marketing?;

Digital marketing or digital marketing is essentially everything marketing using the internet as a primary means of communication. There are many different ways of marketing such as video, social media posts, paid advertisements etc. Ideally, your marketing strategy should include a balance of all of these.

The time and money you will spend on digital marketing, it is definitely a worthwhile investment. If done in an organized and correct way the benefit will be huge and your investment will return many times over.


What are the benefits of digital marketing in real estate management(and not only)


Penetrating new markets

One of the main benefits of digital marketing is that you reach customers and markets that you could not reach before. And by that we even mean existing customers on the other side of the world.

also, through the content you create and the platforms' algorithms, you can reach your ideal audience for you. This would certainly be impossible with traditional marketing. Think: If you put an ad in a newspaper it would reach the other side of the world and the right person;

End, with global mobility, the trips, immigration etc. the need to have a digital presence and strategy is more imperative than ever.


It is more economical

Another great advantage of digital marketing is that it is much cheaper compared to traditional marketing. Unlike traditional marketing such as TV commercials, radio or print media, marketing on digital platforms is much cheaper. also, creates a lot more traffic for the money you spend. While, if we refer to content creation and organic resonance we are talking about something that is completely free!

It can be measured accurately

Another advantage of digital marketing is that its results can be measured easily and accurately, unlike traditional marketing which can almost never be measured. With digital marketing, you can measure everything: how many views your ad gets to how many clicks a link gets.

On the contrary, if you put an ad in a newspaper, it is impossible to know how many people have read this ad and how many customers it brought you.

Now that we know some of the fundamental benefits of digital marketing, let's look at some of the most effective strategies you can use to establish your digital presence and increase your revenue.


11 top marketing ideas for property management


1. Website

One of the most important assets available to you is your website. When people want to book an accommodation, even if that is via platform, they are looking for information. Think about how much of a positive impression you create and how you stand out from the competition if you have your own website. A website shows professionalism and increases the trust of prospective clients. For you as a customer, nothing like this matters;

Now imagine how much more a well-made photo website earns, video, articles and testimonials!

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

One of the most important and beneficial aspects of a modern marketing strategy is search engine optimization.. Search engine optimization (Search EngineOptimization ή SEO) are some factors that rank the website more high in search engines.

You want your property to be as high in the search results as possible. Ideally before anyone else. By appearing before any similar property website you have a much higher chance of new clients clicking on your link and closing on your property.

Using search engine optimization, your website can appear much more often in search engines like Google and Bing, something that will surely attract new customers.

also, you have the ability to appear high and at the local level something also known as local SEO.

marketing akinitwn, real estate marketing, etaireies diaxeirisis akinitwn, property management companies

3. Content marketing

When we talk about content marketing we are talking about any material that can be used in many ways: articles on the site, social media posts, video, photos etc.



Blogging is the most fundamental building block of content marketing. The blog(blog) it should be on your website as a place where you can write and post interesting and attractive articles for your audience.

What you earn from blogging:

  • It shows that you care about your customer and love what you do
  • Increase your visibility
  • Improve your website's SEO and make it appear higher in search results. This means more people visit your website

The content you will write; They may be places of interest near your accommodation, modes of transportation, activities etc.


marketing akinitwn, real estate marketing, etaireies diaxeirisis akinitwn, property management companies


The video content it has the best performance on the web at the moment. Especially in categories millennials and the Gen Zers. You could choose to hire a videographer or agency to create professional looking videos. But apps like Instagram and TikTok make it easy to create a short, engaging video content with just your smartphone. Yes, maybe it is better to create your own video as it seems that users love spontaneous and unpretentious content.

Some video ideas:

  • Guided tour of the accommodation/building/neighbourhood
  • Video of its daily operation
  • Testimonials from customers(as long as they agree) about their experience staying at your property/accommodation

Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to build trust with prospective clients. Very important piece beyond the content, it's the way you write your emails. The purpose should be to connect and provide value to your customer. Bad email marketing can push customers away instead of attracting them.

In your emails, you can send your new articles, Offers, to share new and useful information. It is no coincidence that large companies invest in it.

marketing akinitwn, real estate marketing, etaireies diaxeirisis akinitwn, property management companies

4. Social Media

How could social media be missing from the list! To stay on top of things and get results in the age of digital marketing, being active on social media is vital. Creating your own page on various social media, show your property to a huge number of people who would otherwise never have heard of you. A good social media presence, with photos, videos and useful information creates a positive impression of your property and increases your credibility.

To start leveraging your social media presence it's important to get a few things in place:

  • Who is your target audience?;
  • What platforms is this audience on?;
  • What content he likes to consume; What does he want to know?; What does it care?;

After you find these, you should organize your content, create it and start publishing.

But it doesn't stop here! Subsequently you should interact with your audience, reply to comments and messages and clearly show that you are interested in communicating with them.


5. User experience(User Experience ή UX)

This is a piece we love very much at Easy Online Media and that's why we wanted to specialize in it.

It is very important to make sure that visitors to your website will have a positive user experience. What do we mean when we say positive user experience-UX?:

  • How easy it is to navigate the site;
  • Aesthetics, the colours, the design
  • If it hangs or how easily a page loads
  • If it is mobile friendly

Clearly there is much more and there is a whole strategy behind it.

It is important to create a positive user experience when they visit your website. According to Google Analytics, the conversion rate of your visitors is much higher when they spend more time on your site. This means that by creating an easy-to-use, attractive website, customers will spend more time on it. Therefore, you can generate more customers.

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marketing akinitwn, real estate marketing, etaireies diaxeirisis akinitwn, property management companies

6. Local targeting

Build awareness locally; Then the cooperation with local businesses is an extremely useful tool to add to your marketing plan. After all, many times customers arise through local and personal recommendations. Perhaps even these synapses are stronger as they rely on direct contact.

For example, you can partner with or pay a local restaurant to advertise your property. This can be done traditionally by leaving your cards or QR with it your digital card. But it can also be done electronically by advertising through their site and social media. This will expose you to a larger local audience.


7. Competition analysis

Another essential aspect of your marketing plan is to analyze your competition. Analyzing your competition, you can see which of their tactics are paying off so as to adjust and in your own business(since they represent you).

also, it is vital to realize which customer markets your competition is targeting and how it works for them. It is useful to learn from the successes and failures of other marketing strategies. It is useful to see what your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to the competition and improve them.

Competition, of course, is not only the properties located in the same area. There are other accommodations that have a strong digital presence’ where you can get information.

8. Reviews-Testimonials

One very, very, very important piece for every business it is the reputation who follows her. When we say reputation we refer to how others see you and especially the reviews they leave. Whether we are talking about your website, whether we are talking about google, either for booking platforms or anywhere else.


9. Links to your website

It's important to have other websites showcase your company in some way. Not only because they introduce you to their audience. When an authoritative website links to your website it counts positively for SEO and moves your website higher in search results.

One way to achieve this is to do guest blogging. An article on the site of a larger company or travel site that links to your site increases awareness, traffic to your site and your credibility. This article could talk about your property or mention the area it is located in and what activities there are for the visitor there.


10. Registration on booking platforms

If we were to say that platforms do not play an important role in real estate, we would be lying. Platforms like Booking and Airbnb are very powerful tools! If not all of them, for sure the majority of property/accommodation seekers turn to platforms. So. do not neglect their power. If you have properties for sale, register them on the respective platforms. And even more, the better as more eyes will see them.

Luxury Properties Rental Platform Luxury Holidays

11. Paid Marketing

Last but not least on the list is paid marketing. And of course we are referring to paid ads. These ads can appear on search engines like Google when the public searches for something relevant. also, operate excellent and targeted social media advertising. Indeed, these ads have lower cost.

But before you start advertising and if you don't want to spend money unnecessarily, you should be clear what audience are you targeting?, what is the goal of your business and what is the budget you will allocate.


After all…

We hope we've given you a good idea why you should rethink your marketing strategy and give importance to digital marketing. You can use it in many ways to stand out and increase customers and revenue. We believe you have unique opportunities as rental property owners have not yet jumped decisively into the game. So if you want to save time, maybe it's time to start;

If you still think you need help organizing your strategy, don't feel free to contact us. We specialize in property management and can help you increase the dynamics of your property and clearly your income.


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