user generated content, περιεχόμενο που δημιουργείται από χρήστες, periexomeno pou dimiourgeitai apo xristes, ugc

What Is User Generated Content(UGC) And How It Helps Our Business

You've just launched your new clothing line. Customers who have bought them and are delighted, they take pictures wearing them and post them on social media. Or you have a property and your guests share stories from their stay. Congratulations! You just got new User Generated Content(UGC) for your business!

Through UGC, the audience of these users came into contact with your business/brand and thus you acquired reach new audiences. At the same time you also acquired material you can post to your channels(with permission of course).

UGC is a very powerful tool that you can use for serve many purposes. In this article we will tell in detail what User Generated Content is, why our business needs it but also how we can use it.


What is User Generated Content(UGC);


Το User Generated Content(UGC) the user generated content is original content generated by users and published on social media or other channels. Content is usually created spontaneously mainly because users are fans of the brand and/or love the product. UGC can take many forms, such as pictures, video, critics, testimonials, articles or even podcasts.


Where does UGC come from?;

Content may come from customers, followers, influencers, content creators even by themselves employees of a business.

You will surely have achieved an unboxing video somewhere on social media. Or a photo of a restaurant menu from an enthusiastic customer. You may have seen make up artists make "how to..." videos using certain cosmetics. Or a tech maniac to review a gadget that just hit the market.

These are all examples of UGC. This means that anyone can create content for a brand(brand).

Even employees can create content for the brand they work for(EGC). This can be a backstage video of an event, the production process or even a simple video showing how much fun they are having at work.


What makes user-generated content stand out?;


user generated content, user generated content, periexomeno pou dimiourgeitai apo xristes, ugc

It's authentic

User Generated Content, as we mentioned above, it usually is spontaneous. Of course, there is also the case of a content creator or influencer to be paid to create iti, but even so the content is authentic as usual it is created through the perspective of a third person and not of the brand.

It is very different for the customer to hear the usefulness of the product from a simple user than from the company itself. People trust people. They want to see the usefulness of the product/service in real life. We would say that UGC is a digital form of "word of mouth".

According to surveys consumers are 2,4 times more likely to see user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by brands.

Authenticity helps build loyalty, trust and in the development of the community of a business.

But it's not just consumers who are passionate about authentic content. The 60% of marketers agrees that authenticity and quality are equally important elements of successful content. And there is no other type of content that is more authentic than User Generated Content from your customers.

Caution! Don't be tempted to fake user-generated posts or campaigns. The public can tell when something is fake and this can damage your brand.


user generated content, user generated content, periexomeno pou dimiourgeitai apo xristes, ugc

Increases sales

UGC is used at all stages of the customer journey. It keeps him informed and connected. The customer can make a purchase immediately or it may take some time. But still his UGC gives motivation. It also creates familiarity with the product or service. End, puts the product in consideration of the potential customer. He may not need the product or service right now but when he wants to buy it he will come to us.

In marketing terms, UGC influences audience engagement and increases conversions.

Introduces the product/service to a new or larger audience

Today, brands have to fight to get in front of their ideal audience. The competition is huge and everyone is vying for the public's attention. As a result, buyers are more picky and skeptical about the brands they interact with and buy from, especially the Gen-Z generation.

Through UGC your business has the ability to be shown to a new audience. In the user's own audience. This audience is much more engaged and trusts the user. If the user is a fan of your brand, probably his audience will love you too as it consists of like minded people. That is, people with the same way of thinking and with the same values. Therefore most likely the user's audience is also your ideal audience.


Creates engaged community

UGC gives customers a unique opportunity to participate in developing a brand and to become part of her community instead of just being spectators. This is something they do with enthusiasm and joy.

UGC also opens one communication channel between a brand and its customers and this helps to create and grow one dedicated community.

Increases confidence

Let's not hide behind our finger. Consumers don't trust advertisers. The exaggeration, "big" words and utopian images do not help. And the truth is that many ads and many campaigns have these characteristics(although fortunately they are gradually decreasing). also, many consumers have in their minds that companies(especially the big companies) they only intend to sell and do not really care about them.

In a survey done in the USA, showed that in fact, Only the 9% of Americans trusts ads. Not an encouraging number! Companies have to work harder than ever to establish their credibility.

also, according to statistics the 93% of marketing professionals seem to agree that consumers trust user-generated content more from the content created by the brands themselves.

Simply put if you want consumers to trust you, User Generated Content is a great way.

Audiences turn to UGC in the same way they would solicit feedback from friends, their family or professional environment. Above the 50% of millennials take into account the opinion of their family and friends to buy a product. UGC is just that: a personal opinion-recommendation.


user generated content, user generated content, periexomeno pou dimiourgeitai apo xristes, ugc

Increases conversions

We mentioned above how UGC translates into conversions. User Generated Content it affects the purchase decision tremendously. And this is especially important in the later stages of the buyer's journey, where he is ready to complete his purchase.

UGC works as authentic social proof(social proof) that your product is worth buying. For example, your audience sees people who enjoy wearing or using your product with enthusiasm. This is a very strong incentive for them to finally buy the product.

It is adaptable and flexible

UGC is commonly created and used in social media. However, it can also be used outside of social media and in other communication channels.

For example, you could add UGC images or videos to one cart abandonment email to help the prospective buyer complete their purchase.

You can also add UGC to landing pages and product pages on your site to provide additional incentive to purchase the product/service and thus increase conversion rates.

It is more economical than influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool. However, it can be unprofitable, especially if you want to hire a famous influencer. On the contrary, user generated content is free!

Even if you hire a content creator to do it, the cost will be much less than paying a famous influencer.

You also don't need to hire an agency to do the work for you.

It needs something simple: Connect with your audience, engage with them and motivate them to be a part of your next campaign!


It's free advertising

In essence through advertisements and sponsored posts the purpose is to promote the brand or product to a larger audience and increase sales. UGC does this for free! Users create content and display it to their audience. This audience can create content for their own audience. This way you are exposed to more eyes and more consumers. That would be done with an advertisement.

Of course we are not implying that you should remove ads. Advertisements are an integral and very important part of marketing a business. Just if you can use this viewer too, why not do it;

It works in harmony with social commerce

The social commerce(social commerce) are the purchases made directly from social media. The main advantage of social commerce is that it allows the audience to completes his purchases more immediately and quickly while browsing social media without visiting the site.

Let's say you're scrolling through Instagram and you stop because you saw a great pair of shoes. Click to learn more about the product and why not buy it from within the app. This is social commerce in action.

UGC and social commerce work great together. UGC motivates to complete the purchase more than a nice-but-ordinary-product photo. Almost it 80% of people say UGC influences their purchase decision, making user-generated content and social commerce a great combination.


Types of User Generated Content

User-generated content can take many forms just like a social media post or advertising campaign:

  • Pictures
  • Video
  • A text post e.g. a Tweet
  • Testimonials
  • Product reviews
  • Live
  • Blog article
  • YouTube Content

How you use them depends on your business's marketing strategy.


Do it like the “Adults”

Even big brands use user-generated content to increase awareness, The dedication, broaden their reach and of course increase their conversions.

For example the video equipment company GoPro uses UGC to maintain her YouTube channel. Her top three videos were originally shot by clients! Since December 2021, these three videos collected over 400 millions of views combined. Not bad! In fact, this content did not cost the company anything.

And it didn't stop there. UGC has been such a boon to the company that they now run their own awards and promote daily photo challenges to inspire their customers to get creative.

User Generated Content from the GoPro YouTube channel:


Another great example is the company LuluLemon. The company LuluLemon is mainly known for its expensive leggings and yoga clothes. To increase the company's reach on social media, asked their followers to share photos of themselves in LuluLemon clothing using it #thesweatlife.

This not only resulted in a treasure trove of easily searchable UGC content for LuLuLemon to reuse, but also organically expanded its awareness and reach on social media as its clients shared content with their audience.

User Generated on Instagram for Lulumelon Company


What to watch out for

1. Always ask permission

Consent to use content is mandatory. Always ask before reposting or using a user's content. Most likely he won't refuse but again you have to get his permission.

People can use your branded hashtags without necessarily knowing you've linked them to a user-generated content campaign. Nevertheless, re-sharing this content without express permission beyond illegal is a way to nullify the good mood of your audience.

When asking for the user's permission, show that you value their content and their time and encourage them to create more content.

2. Give credit to the original creator

When you share user-generated content on your channels, be sure to give clear credit to the original creator. This is done simply with her mention of the name of(commonly tagged) in the post.

Give credit because it's the right thing to do. Because it will increase the credibility of your business. In addition, because it will motivate the same and new users to create more content.


user generated content, user generated content, periexomeno pou dimiourgeitai apo xristes, ugc

3. Be clear about the type of content you're looking for

UGC creators want you to share their content. That means they want you to tell them what kind of content you're most likely to share.

Only the 16% of brands offers clear guidance on the type of content users want to create and share. While more than the 50% of users would like to know what content brands are looking for. Therefore, don't be afraid to get specific and make it easy for people to share content that fits your needs.

4. Have a strategy and goals

How will you know what kind of UGC content to ask for if you don't know how it fits with your campaign strategy; For sure, it's nice when people tag you in beautiful photos, but how you can use this content to support your marketing goals;

Clearly, first of all, you yourself should have clarified your goals and what material you will use. Write down the ideas and material you will present and then communicate them to users so they know.

Where to view them;

Anywhere people are likely to interact with your brand:

In the resume(bio) of your social media, in your social media posts, on your website, on posters and banners or even on your product packaging.





Το User Generated Content(UGC), or user generated content if you prefer, it is a great tool to achieve multiple goals. Through him increases your awareness, you reach a larger audience, you connect with that audience and build trust to your brand. also, you get authentic, spontaneous and free content that your audience can relate to. At the same time motivate users to log in even more with you and do it with enthusiasm.

You can think of it as a spontaneous wave word of mouth which will only benefit your business.

People want to be part of a community, they want to offer. Give honest incentives and they will be happy to help you.

If you want to invest in something authentic then it's time to turn your attention to UGC!


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