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We help Businesses through Digital Marketing and NFC technology to stand out from the competition

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Turning visitors into loyal and happy customers

We are a team of professionals in the field Digital Marketing, Web Development & Business Consulting, committed to strengthening entrepreneurship and providing integrated solutions to every need.

Our priority is customer satisfaction and the creation of effective new customer approach flows through Website/eShops, Applications, Social Media, Content Marketing & NFC Technology.

First we understand the needs of not only your business, but, mainly, of your customers and then we design the marketing strategy tailored specifically to your needs.


Our target, your success!

When many years of experience meet the vision for a strong entrepreneurship

EasyOnlineMedia team combines many years of experience in the Digital Marketing fields, Web Development & Business Consulting. We are constantly updated on new trends and we adapt the design of our customers' business strategy to the new market data.. Our ultimate goal is the growth and long-term success of your own business!

Business Consulting - 20 years
Web Development - 12 years
Digital Marketing - 8 years
UX Specialist - 4 years

How to build one Strong Brand


1. Niche & Ιδανικό Κοινό

We record in detail which service / product we offer to which characteristic group of audience, providing a solution to a specific problem


2. Competition Differentiation

What do we do differently from the Competition. What services / products stand out or lack in the Market and we can fill the gap with innovative ideas


3. Place / Presentation

The way of presenting our Brand identity, to remain indelible in the mind and emotion of the Ideal Audience to prefer us over the Competition


4. Competitive advantage

Why should the Ideal Audience prefer us over the Competition. What are our strong cards that set us apart from others


5. Contact / Messages

How we communicate, what messages we pass on to the Ideal Audience, why and how it will be identified with the Ideology of our Brand identity