Short Term Lease: Marketing Strategies and Tips

The boom in tourist short-term rental properties reflects a new reality in the travel sector, encouraging property owners to consider their potential in this area. From luxury villas to small apartments in the city center, the short-term rental market offers plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the tourist public.

In modern times, the challenge for property owners is not just managing their property, but also the active participation in the competitive area of ​​short-term rental. To stand out in this environment, owners need to adopt proper marketing strategies.



1. Invest in Professional Photos and Videos

Visual representation is a critical element in the successful promotion of your tourist property. Customers looking for accommodations for their next vacation place a lot of importance on previewing the property before booking. Therefore, investing in professional photos and videos is a key move to capturing their interest.

Photos should be of high quality and highlight the best aspects of your space. The professional photographer can capture the space in a way that makes every corner attractive and well-kept. From the spacious rooms to the outdoor spaces, photos should reflect the atmosphere and quality that your property offers.

In addition, videos can add an interactive dimension to the customer experience. A well-directed video can present the space from various angles, highlight the amenities and convey the feeling of hospitality offered by the property.

In addition, constantly updating photos and videos is important. Seasonal changes can be reflected through your material, encouraging customers to choose your property all year round.

In total, professional photos and videos are powerful tools to engage your customers and convince them to choose your property for their next search.

2. Use Booking and Review Platforms

Joining popular booking platforms is a key step in increasing the visibility of your tourist property. Platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, and VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) they are internationally recognized and attract millions of travelers every day. By listing your property on these platforms, you achieve easy access to a wide range of customers.

A key factor in your success on these platforms is review management. During the booking and after the completed trip, encourage your customers to leave reviews. These reviews act as reliable references for future tenants and can positively influence their decision to choose your property.

Positive reviews are a powerful motivator for attracting new customers. The good helpful place, the impeccable cleanliness, and friendliness in communication are some of the factors that positively influence ratings. It is important to maintain active communication with tenants during their stay, so that you can immediately respond to potential problems and provide the best possible experience.

Finally, your professional presence on these platforms;, combined with quality hospitality and responsiveness to tenants' needs, it will create a positive reputation for your property, continuously attracting new customers and maintaining high levels of registration and exploitation.


3. Contact the Local Audience

Cooperation with local restaurants, shops and other businesses is a smart strategy that can benefit both you as a tourist property owner and your customers. Offering discounts to local business services can create a virtuous circle, enhancing your local destination and tenant experience.

The first step in this direction is contacting local businesses that could add value to the tenants' stay. Restaurants, coffee shops, local shops or even entertainment services are ideal candidates. Recommending partnerships where your tenants receive special discounts, you create a mutual benefit circle.

Customers enjoy the added value of the discount partnership, while you as a tourist property owner promote your local destination as a complete experience. This can be a decisive criterion for travelers when choosing their destination and emphasize the local community.

In addition to discounts, you can consider creating partnership packages, such as deals on meals or free entrances to local attractions. This not only enhances the experience of your tenants but also advertises the variety and wealth of local activities.

After all, partnering with local businesses is a win-win opportunity, strengthening the local economy and promoting the success of your tourism venture.


4. Display on Social Networks

Social media visibility is an integral part of modern marketing strategy, especially for owners of tourist accommodation. Your presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can build a dynamic online audience. This will enhance the impact of your tourist property.

The social network offers a platform for posting photos, videos and information about your property. Utilizing these means, you can share unique images of the space, to highlight offers and discounts, and provide information about local events and activities. High-end, tourism-oriented photos can encourage non-renters to consider your property.

In addition, you can use social networks to maintain active communication with existing tenants and collect valuable reviews. Responding to comments and posting thank you notes, you create a positive communication that can encourage repeat customers.

In addition, social media ads can help expand your audience. Organizing advertising campaigns with targeted ads, you can reach new customers and show your property to a wider audience.

In total, visibility on social networks is an effective strategy for promoting your tourist property, attracting customers, maintaining visibility and building a dynamic community around it.

5. Offer Personalized Experiences

Understanding traveler needs and offering personalized experiences is key to successful tourism property management. Each category of traveler has different preferences and searches, and tailoring your amenities to those needs can create a unique and positive experience for each tenant.

If your customers are families, focus on benefits that meet the needs of children. You may provide games, books, or even security facilities for the small traveling members. A garden or play area can be a welcome addition, while possibly offering special prices for family packages.

If, on the other, aimed at couples, focus on creating a romantic atmosphere. Highlight amenities that offer peace and privacy, such as a hot tub, a private balcony or even romantic decorative details. Offer great stay packages for couples that include romantic dinners, private tours or other special events.

In each case, the communication with the tenants before, during and after their stay is critical. Offering welcoming and personalized service, you can build a close bond with renters and encourage them to return for future vacations. In total, personalizing your experience is key to cultivating positive reviews and successfully managing a tourist property.

6. Promote Events and Festive Seasons

Creating packages and offers for special events and festive seasons is a great strategy to increase demand and attract new customers. This approach allows tenants to enjoy a complete and personalized experience during special events and holidays.

A good way to start is to create packages that offer special services or benefits during festive periods, such as Christmas or New Year. These packages may include decoration, festive dinners, activities or even gifts. Consider offering discounts for bookings during specific dates.

also, don't overlook the special events and festivals taking place in your area. Create packages that combine accommodation with participation in these events, thus providing renters with a complete experience of the destination.

In addition, create offers for special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays or romantic weekends, attracting couples who wish to celebrate in a special place.

Promotion of these packages can be done through social networks, of your website and other advertising media. Creating limited-time offers can create additional incentives for travelers to book.

Finally, offering special event packages and offers strengthens your market position and creates an attractive option for renters looking for a unique and festive accommodation experience.



In the epilogue of the article, it is important to point out that the aforementioned marketing strategies are a comprehensive and dynamic way to enhance the visibility of your tourist property. This way you will attract customers who are looking for a unique and personalized accommodation experience.

By investing in professional photos and videos, you give customers a complete picture of your space, encouraging them to consider further. The presentation of your property on popular booking platforms, combined with positive reviews from other tenants, it boosts your credibility.

Being active on social networks creates a community around your property and allows for constant communication with customers. Personal response and building a positive relationship with tenants contributes to repeat visitation and recommendation of your property.

The integration of packages and offers for special events offers a unique and unrepeatable experience. While personalized amenities for different groups of travelers enhance the flexibility and appeal of your accommodation.

End, the overall importance of creating a holistic and integrated experience for tenants;, highlighting the value of your tourist property as a destination that offers more than just accommodation. These strategies, combined with excellent hospitality, they can create a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers, enhancing the prestige and competitiveness of your tourist accommodation in the market.

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