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Website vs Social Media: Why your business needs a Website

Can your business social media account replace your website?; With hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs starting new business accounts on social media, there is no doubt that platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter have become essential for the marketing and development of small businesses.

In Easy Online Media we will give you answers to the questions that concern you:

  • How important it is for your business to have a website;

  • Websites are now obsolete;

  • Social media can replace websites;


The social media is a great tool digital marketing. The reason is that every day the number of active users is constantly increasing. Creating a corporate account (business account) στα social media offers you many opportunities approaching a new audience. A well-designed strategy leads to the creation of a community around your brand . In addition, helps develop your relationships with your potential customers. The key to success is finding the right way to share valuable content that inspires users to follow you.

But it is only what you need to stand out; It can completely replace the possibilities offered by one website;

In Easy Online Media We have selected the most important reasons why your business will need - always- one website.


So what does one do website so valuable;


1. The website is yours and belongs to you

Think about how much time you invested in one social media a platform that does not really belong to you.

Your corporate accounts are hosted in the Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter like so many others. That means they could close, be blocked or censored at any time.

If something like this happens, the actions you can take are very limited and may take a long time to be evaluated and approved. For this reason, it would definitely not be good to rely on and depend only on social media platforms.

Here is a reason to design your own website! When you start a new site for your business, you are the owner of the internet platform you use.

This means that you will never lose your content, you will not worry about closing or blocking it. Through this you will be able to share everything,What do you like.


2. Your website is the most powerful digital marketing tool

Both websites as well as social media are the most important tools digital marketing. However, one of the reasons a website excels, is because it allows you to take advantage of its function SEO.

The Instagram and Facebook is a great way to share content with new audiences that would not otherwise find you. Nonetheless, is still limited to an audience active only on these social platforms. This puts a limit on user engagement from the ground up compared to search platforms like Google.

A website allows you to promote your business through SEO, copywriting and branding.

But what does SEO mean?;

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or otherwise the optimization of your website in search engines – such as Google. Is the optimization processes in the structure, in the content and technical characteristics of your website, to be user friendly and internet search engines and organic results. The SEO helps your business find customers they would not otherwise know existed. This is especially useful for online businesses or businesses that do not have a physical store.

The SEO is not a simple matter. It is growing, cultivated and improved over time and very consistently. There are so many levels of search engine optimization and different ways you can increase your rankings. website in Google and other search engines.

The SEO requires skills and strategy. On the contrary, Much of social media marketing success depends on popularity, the metrics and algorithm of each social media platform.



3. The website allows your business to develop sales funnel by launching your sales

The social media provide you with great content, Impressive images and clever captions for your business and services. But this is only the beginning of the shopping journey of your potential customer.

What is the next thought for a user who is inspired by your account at social media; Learn more about you and the services you offer. And where will he look; But of course in website yours.

Therefore, the Instagram and Facebook succeed and attract potential customers, however, the website is the space that will give you sale.

So ask yourself, without website, what would be the next step for your potential customer to get to know you; Maybe the DM (direct message) for more information; This is the way you want to represent your business; And for how long can you work with personal messages;

Here's another reason to build your own website! Only one website provides you with one professional and improved platform. Through it, Potential customers can learn more about you and your services.

Gradually you create it sales funnel of your business which describes the "journey" that your prospective customer is going through, from the moment it enters your website until it makes any kind of conversion (conversion).

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4. The website will raise your level of professionalism and will set you apart

For sure, your flow in Instagram can become very impressive and catch the eye. But how will someone read what exactly you are advocating (About us). How to find the prices of your products or services (e-shop); How to quickly find ways to communicate (Contact us);

When someone asks for more information about your business, refer to your profile at Instagram does not give him all the information he wants to know.

Here is the fourth reason you definitely need one website! A website is professional online platform leading your business one level above the hobbyists in your industry.

Helps you organize and categorize information about your business. Something like that, makes easy to navigate of potential customers and creates feelings of trust. As a result, stay happy and finally in "they buy".

The creation of website is an investment in your time and money. A strong proof of your professionalism. Customers feel that they can trust you and rely on you.


You still have second thoughts;

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