5 Ways To Grow Your Online Business Effectively

Online businesses are now everywhere! All these companies are trying to compete with each other who will be ranked higher in Google or who will go viral on Instagram or Youtube. You might say: "I'm afraid to spend a lot on my small business to grow online". It makes perfect sense! We have all been through this phase (especially in the beginning!). me too!

However, there are ways to grow online and they will not cost you a fortune!

I made a list of 5 ways to easily grow your online business. Let's see it!

5 Ways to Grow Your Business Online


1. Mobile friendly look

Every website should now be mobile optimized. In accordance with statista, its first quarter 2021, mobile devices (excluding tablets) they produced it 54,8 % of global website traffic, fluctuating steadily around 50 % since its inception 2017. This should come as no surprise. As you realize yourself, you spend a lot more time in front of a smartphone or tablet than, what in the past, or shopping, or reading news and updates, or looking for products and services. Why do people prefer smartphones; Because they are convenient.

To attract this large group of users, you should have a website with UX (User-Experience) design and quality content which offers Flawless customer experience and high scores on mobile speeds.

How much easier would life be if you could watch the whole page without zooming;

THE mobile optimization helps your business a lot because you offer it best possible mobile experience for your customers, you create potential customers, sales and you create one Brand that everyone will recognize and will appreciate.



How to become a mobile friendly website;

To improve the mobile version of your site and make it mobile friendly, you need to focus on the following:

  • Improve the speed of your website
  • Make sure the JavaScript, HTML and CSS code are not blocked
  • Avoid using parentheses ads and pop-ups
  • Reduce redirects
  • Choose the right one viewport
  • Invest in Google AMP
  • Make your changes to Google with its help Search Console
  • Consult a Specialist

2. Use Social Media for your business

I need to say more about the platforms that changed your life (mine too) forever; There is a reason why Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, the Tiktok and the (recently) Clubhouse went viral. They make it easy for people to share content that interests them. Whether the content you make is interesting or funny or just questionable, then there is a huge chance of growing your audience on your social media.

In accordance with datareportal, 4.20 Billions of users are active on Social Media. This is more than half the world's population! Imagine how many thousands or millions of people you could reach with your content on social media.

Each Brand that respects its existence must maintain an active presence on social media and seek interaction with its audience. To master the art of social media, you have to work methodically, with a specific publication schedule and one custom style, in order to identify your business. So, you need to make proper corporate use, which requires targeted actions



Social media are channels that emphasize human experience. Even if you represent your business behind an account, you should give the impression that users interact with one real face. Therefore, every time you use corporate social media, you should of course promote the interests of the business, remaining people in your communication, without overdoing it!

In addition, do not neglect to regularly monitor your audience so generally (group of followers) as well as in one more personal level (each person individually). Take the time to find content that has a higher conversion rate and invest more in it. The comments, Reviews and analytics are key tools for managing the collaborations that develop on Social Media!

If you are ready to plan or organize a Social Media Marketing campaign, below are some tips I have chosen and I highly recommend them:


  • Create communities around popular hashtags
  • Shrink your target market share
  • Update ad content regularly
  • Start it Remarketing on social media
  • Call buttons bring you new potential customers
  • The elegant setup wins the impressions
  • Add theme to your social media campaigns

3. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a higher ranking as a Business

Every year many commercial companies spend large sums of money to improve their search engine rankings., thus boosting revenue and growth. You want to know how important this is to your site; The statistics SEO statistics confirm that Search Engine Optimization is essential for any kind of business. And the best part of SEO; It's free! Oh yes, you read it very correctly! It's completely free.

However, This does not mean that everyone can be ranked high on Google. Each time you want to get better rankings on specific keywords, to be visited by very specific users and not just anyone. Imagine having a physical store and people coming in but not buying anything because they realized they were in the wrong store for them. You are ready for knowledge and… tricks that will favor the dynamics of your website and will work together, to beat the competition;

Let's start with the top SEO statistics!

Organic Echo (Traffic)

If you rank among the 3 top results, then research has shown that

  • the position #1 takes more than 40% organic impact.
  • the position #2 takes more than 37% organic impact.
  • the position #3 it almost takes 30%.

Some of these users will come to your site and buy from you. With a larger audience, you also increase your sales.

Ranking on the first page

  • 75% of clicks are made on the results of the first 3 search seconds.
  • 68% of clicks go in the top 5 results displayed by Google.
  • 95% users select results from the first page.
  • Organic search results, ending on the page 1 Google contain on average 1.890 words.

Mobile search

  • 87% Smartphone owners use a search engine every day.
  • 51% of smartphone owners have found a new company or a new product from a Google search.
  • Almost 3/4 all searches on mobile devices result in the user doing an online action within an hour.
  • The 35% of Buyers says that mobile is their main buying tool.
  • The 40% of users has turned to a competitor's site after a bad UX on a mobile device.

Local SEO

  • 4 to 5 consumers seek local information.
  • 97% People Learn More About A Local Business Online From Elsewhere.
  • 92% users will select businesses from the first page of local search results.

Voice Search

  • 65% of age users 25-49 years old does voice search at least once a day.
  • Google Language Recognition now supports more than 100 languages.
  • The 52% of people uses voice search while driving.
  • Siri pcontinues to be the leader in voice searches with 48,4% of users.

Video SEO

  • Until the end 2021 users will dedicate 100 minutes a day watching videos on the internet.
  • The 52% companies say video content is the type of content with the best return on investment- return on investment. (HubSpot)
  • Video is the No.1 content format used in content strategy, overcoming blog posts and graphs.(HubSpot)
  • The video is 50 times more likely to receive organic clicks than plain text results.


  • First page search results get extra 5% -14,5% more links from new sites each month.(Ahrefs)
  • The 43,7% of top pages on Google contain backlinks.(Ahrefs)
  • Blogging companies receive 97% more links.(HubSpot)

4. Develop the e-mail list as an online business

The Email Marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy that focuses on sending email to your own targeted ideal audience. This audience concerns both the customers you already have and the ones you want to attract. E-mail Marketing is the most direct and effective way to connect with the targeted ideal audience of your business. also, helps in building a regular communication relationship with customers, increasing recognizability and confidence in your brand. It's one of the best marketing strategies to "Turn" potential customers into buyers.

E-mail is the number #1 communication channel. Did you know that at least 99% of the consumers check his emails on a daily basis? This level of interaction does not apply to any other communication channel!


In addition, the list of e-mail lists belongs to you. No one can take away your potential customers! also, conversion is any action taken by a user on your site (Buy, registration etc.). People who buy products through e-mail Marketing spend 138% more than those who do not receive offers by e-mail.

The average price of an order via e-mail is 3 times higher from the corresponding one done through social media. Email is simply the best way to sell online!


If you send them 1 email per day 5 times a week or more, you will start to bother them. As a result, will move your emails from "Inbox" to "Folder"spam" the "junk». Treat your newsletters as you would treat your friends. You do not want to disturb them. Our goal is to give them value. (and receive value in return). Then and only then, will return you this value. (e.g. through purchase)

5. Gain the loyalty of your customers

“What gets measured, gets managed”

Peter Drucker


For a company, it is not enough just to know how to gain new customers, but it is essential to know how to turn its new customers into one loyal customer base. What do we mean by the term? "Loyal customer" or in other words “Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)”? We mean the one who develops personal interaction with the company, receives high value and experience from it, remains loyal and helps increase its profits.

Yet, its usefulness Customer Lifetime Value – CLV is multidimensional! Thanks to that, on the one hand, prevent potential significant losses when launching marketing campaigns. On the other, you deepen the relationship with your customers, based on absolute satisfaction their, taking it off profitability yours.

These are the most common ways to earn your customers' loyalty:

  • Focus on the needs of your customers
  • Develop personal relationships
  • Act on time Take advantage of the dynamics of social media
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Stop being annoying

Now you know! 5 Ways to Grow Your Business Online!

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