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How to properly plan your business marketing strategy

Small businesses have multiple benefits from marketing strategies.

The businessman must, if he wants to call his business modern, to be informed and to proceed with today's shopping promotions. The good news is that a large financial package is not required, can easily to adjust the budget at its own levels.


What is considered necessary is to have discipline in compliance of strategic skills who will use, as well as a plan. No one went up in business, walking into the unknown by boat of hope. The specifics who did it, unfortunately they were probably forced to change profession.


Let's start with the term marketing strategies which when a businessman hears, does not understand and is perfectly reasonable. They are very simple ways to be implemented, to promote its products with the aim of course increase sales. Do not think that these are endless lists with detailed tables and difficult definitions.

We are always talking about understandable steps that are applied today to develop sales levels of your business.


Of course they have relationship with social and with the internet, otherwise we would have been left in dilemmas and outdated ineffective ways marketing.


Social media marketing is effective because:

  • Reduces marketing costs, while enhancing the creation of new ideas

  • Provides metrics that give companies valuable and useful market information

  • It gives the products the opportunity to get to know more buyers

  • Encourages sales


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How will we manage to properly plan the marketing strategy that will take off our business? We have the solution for you :


6+1 ways to achieve your business goals:


#1 The comparison with the previous year will give you useful information for the next steps

Of course 2021 has its own peculiarities as small businesses were either closed, or they were malfunctioning. Definitely not a good indicator, but what you will get from this elusive, difficult and unprecedented situation experienced by the market, is the change in the orientation of product promotion.

What do we mean; The fact that people are now familiar with e-shopping. He has entered the communication channel with brands through social media and trusts e-shops more than ever.

You use what has changed to boost your business. And we all know very well that the main change has been in the way the average consumer buys. It is now circulating on the internet, which was done in the past but now we are talking about 5sm of movements.




So what a shocking argument that you should turn to if you have not already done so, in creating a site, e-shop and at the same time in the development of the company's social networking media;


#2 Strategy requires a vision


Vision is the driving force. Imagining where you want your business to go will show you how.

Take paper and pencil and write with numbers, specify your vision and set a schedule.

This will strengthen the implementation of the strategy.


What should your vision include?;
  • Achievable goals
  • The values ​​of the company
  • The new moves that you will include in the strategy
  • Measurable quantities of upward sales
  • If new employees are required
  • Training of some older employees
  • Introduction of new methods in each field
  • Observation of competitors
  • Costs that will be required for each action
  • Contacts with customers
  • Introduction of new products – services
  • Graduation of employees
  • Allocation of responsibilities according to the skills and specialization of each




As you clearly understand the vision is not to have a business in your neighborhood and dream of becoming a tycoon.

The vision has:
  • Plan
  • Timetable
  • It requires hard work
  • Good organization

#3 Identify existing and potential obstacles you will encounter in the future


Certainly, wishes and good intentions are not enough to realize your vision.

There will certainly be difficulties that need to be overcome, so that the vision acquires flesh and bones.

If you now find in the difficulties opportunities to give them up, then you better not even try.

The difficulties regarding in marketing strategy will be enough but "the good captain in the storm seems".

Many times an obstacle shows us another way, which in the future will prove to be more profitable and beneficial.