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Digital marketing for service businesses; What to watch out for and what to avoid!

Not using digital marketing, or Greek digital marketing, for your business it's like kicking its future and viability! Yes, even you who have a service business επιβάλλεται να χρησιμοποιείς το ψηφιακό μάρκετινγκ! Read this article and you will understand why!

We will not focus on how important digital marketing is for businesses as we take it for granted, so we get straight to the point.

Digital marketing is an amazing way to reach out and connect with potential customers, and service-based businesses are no exception to this rule.

There are professionals who can offer their services electronically. Like for example life or business coaches, web developers, business consultants and even nutritionists. Thus, digital marketing further expands the scope of action and the extends beyond specific geographic boundaries.

On the other, even if required natural presence, digital marketing in stands out from the competition, it builds relationships with prospective clients and establishes your authority. For example, a home health aide who helps people who need nursing or medical service can find clients and even create a loyal customer base over time with an effective marketing plan.

epixeiriseis paroxis ypiresiwn, service businesses, marketing παροχής υπηρεσιών, service marketing

So let's see where you should base and how to use digital marketing if you have a service business to get the maximum benefits:

1. Content creation

Content is the foundation of everything in the marketing world. After all, the expression did not come out by chance “Content is king”. Content marketing is about creating and publishing valuable information. Through valuable content you can to attract the attention of new customers, to help and provide information to existing customers, to open a channel of communication and connect with them. In addition it establishes authority in your field and sets you apart from the competition.

You should provide your target audience with useful tips, guides or even other interesting facts about the services you offer. How can someone use this information and how will it improve their daily routine and life;

You don't know how to start; Think about what problems and questions your existing customers have, answer them and share them on your channels(social media, blog etc.)

2. Build your site

We take it for granted that in a world that revolves around technology, your business should have a website. Yes, even if you are in the service sector! Your site is your store, your shop window, your identity. It is the way for someone to see it online “office” or the “shop” yours. Through the site mcan you provide information about who you are, what are you doing, what services you provide but also show samples of your work.

In addition, a site gives more weight and prestige to your business as it shows professionalism. We have talked in more detail about’ this in the article: Website vs Social Media: Why your business needs a Website

3. Use Social Media

Social media marketing(social media marketing) is yet another digital marketing strategy you can use to promote your business. Perhaps we don't even need to analyze how important the social media presence of any business is.

epixeiriseis paroxis ypiresiwn, service businesses, marketing παροχής υπηρεσιών, service marketing

Posting on social media is an easy and effective way way to increase your visibility, to gain a new audience, communicate your knowledge and authority and present your services. Social media marketing has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Service-based businesses can share information about their services with customers at any time, wherever they are.

You might be wondering “What should I post?; I have no products!”. Start sharing your knowledge and giving information about your services. It can be a “How to…” , any tips, some advice, some news in your field. You can do it by post, video, story, tweet, live depending on the medium. The pool of options is really large.

If you haven't put your business on social media, put it now!

Be careful though! You should not focus on selling your services. Nobody wants to be sold a revelation. Secondly, you should be consistent. A post every fortnight doesn't make a difference!

4. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

You may have heard how important it is SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Search engine optimization (SEO) is another digital marketing service that service businesses can benefit from.

Search engine optimization is one set of factors that rank your site higher in search engines and increase traffic. Google, just like any search engine, scans the content of your site, searching for keywords, content relevance, as well as some other factors to be able to categorize it. When someone does a Google search these results appear. Obviously the purpose of every business is to appear as high in search results as possible, as very few will pay attention to the 2nd and 3rd page results.

So be careful use keywords strategically, to include a blog on your site, regularly check the loading speed of your website. These are just some factors. You can read more here: SEO friendly content, how to create and take off your site

5. Use e-mail marketing

Marketing through email(e-mail marketing) is another service that can help you dynamically and effectively in the world of digital marketing. According to research, in fact email marketing has a much higher conversion rate(hence sales) than any other marketing technique. Because this; Because those who are registered in e-mail list they are already interested in your business.

Obtaining these e-mails should be from the main objectives of your business. You can achieve this by creating one registration form on your site. You can share this form on your company's social media. also, you can attract more e-mails by giving away a free e-book.

Read this too: Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

epixeiriseis paroxis ypiresiwn, service businesses, marketing παροχής υπηρεσιών, service marketing

6. Create a blog

Service businesses can also start blogging on their website to increase sales and yes improve lead generation. Blogs are great tools. They establish authority and increase business awareness.

Blogging is an incredible effective tool for service businesses looking to establish their industry reputation or improve their customer service levels. Data base people prefer to read blogs rather than listening to advertisements or reading brochures. So if you use traditional marketing like print, radio ads etc maybe it's time to review!

Read this too:What is a business blog and why should you include it directly on your site?

Through the blog you can inform about new services, the usefulness of these services, to give tips and information that add value to your prospective client. If someone likes what they read then they will come back again and again and possibly actually become your customer.

7. Use digital PR

Digital PR is an extremely effective tool for increase of brand awareness in any industry and it can be especially influential for service businesses. A strong brand to refer to your business gives you an advantage when it comes to strengthening customer relationships. Think, how much more authoritative a company looks when viewed by another larger company or some famous site. Many times they determine the decision to purchase a product or service, no;

Digital PR is achieved through link building from websites. When the promotion is done through a strong and reliable site not only digital PR is a means to you present your business in front of a new target audience, but the existence of these links improves your chances of ranking higher in organic search(SEO).

The links to your site from relevant to your subject and trusted websites they are a message to Google that your site is one reliable source of high quality information. On the contrary, links from low quality, spam sites have the opposite effect, so it is important to regularly check that your site is only linked to trusted sites.

With what we mentioned above, you might think that everything is fine and dandy in the field of digital marketing. Almost! In order to take advantage of the huge benefits of digital marketing there are some things you should pay attention to and some mistakes you should avoid!

Let's see what these mistakes are:

1. Targeting the wrong audience

The primary purpose for building one strong brand(brand) is to consolidate recognition, the trust, the recognition. All this comes from one aspect: the consumer – exactly the customers and the target audience. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to resonate with their audience.

To avoid this big mistake, you must perform target market research. After all, we have emphasized many times the importance of finding your ideal audience. Before you start creating any marketing strategy from what we mentioned above, it would help to first understand the ideal audience you want your business to target. Who do you offer your services to?; What are the critical characteristics of your ideal customer?; What was the main purpose and inspiration for starting the company in the first place;

Read this too:18+1 questions to discover the Ideal Audience of your business

The results and insights gained from target market research can make a big difference the right decisions for business. Therefore, make sure you set as priority identifying the right audience and creating a brand that will represent them.

2. You don't clarify the goal of the business

What is the primary objective of establishing the company; Once you have the correct answers to this question, you will be able to create one statement of your goal and mission, this the “why” that defines your business. Most entrepreneurs still fail to come up with their mission statement. Beyond profits, they never explain why they created the business in the first place.

To create a brand that audiences can relate to to identify with and to trust, you must bring out the purpose of your operation. After you find this, make sure every aspect of the brand (picture, logo, personality and label) reflects the same vision and mission. This significantly enhances your company's trust building with the public.

The company's mission statement serves as the basis for the μανιφέστο της επιχείρησης σου. This includes the reasons for the company's existence and why the public should come to you.

epixeiriseis paroxis ypiresiwn, service businesses, marketing παροχής υπηρεσιών, service marketing

3. You don't define the unique features, values ​​and benefits

What is the unique element of your service that no other business can imitate; She is the uniqueness and the ID card of your service. As a result, you have to focus on it so that to inspire the audience to follow you and distinguish you. These are the benefits, the qualities and individual values ​​that illuminate the uniqueness of your company.

Take the time to note everything that sets your company apart from others. Don't rush to answer that what sets you apart is quality and price! Everyone gives the same answer! You need to define how your services facilitate and improve the daily life of your audience.

4. Don't blindly follow trends

A sure way to make your business stand out in a modern and fresh way is to keep up with the latest trends. However, you may lose your core business identity in the name of chasing the hottest trend. To give an example: Tik Tok might be the hottest thing in the social media world right now. That doesn't mean it necessarily fits the style of your own service.

The,what looks good in the moment can quickly lead you astray. However, remember that it may be necessary to skip many such modern trends without looking outdated. One reason why most brands end up looking dated is because they do not evaluate of their results and efforts to improve what isn't working.

Take these new trends as sources of inspiration. However, avoid relying on them as a critical element of your company's next brand design or growth strategy


Fortunately, all of the above mistakes can guide you in the right steps in the end and establish a strong business service provider.

We hope we've cleared the landscape completely for you on whether and how you should incorporate digital marketing into your business strategy.. What's left now is to decide if you want to develop your business and put your services on the path of the future. What do you decide?;

If you need any help don't hesitate to communications with us so that we can create an effective marketing strategy for your business.

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